Tuesday, April 30, 2013

大马第十三届大选前,必听的年度之歌 《仰望》



仰望 Heads Held High
词曲: 黄邦文, 蔡弥烝, 许媛婷, 林欣乐
Composer: Wee Pang Boon, Chua Mi Zheng, Hooi Yuan Teng, Lim Xin Le

Verse 1
谁筑起的高墙 让世界变昏暗
Who built these high walls that darkens the world
谁对那些冷淡 都习以为常
Who caused us to become cold towards one another
谁让这地方 突然人满为患
Who suffocated this nation with so many others
谁让容忍的程度 越练越强悍
Who pushed us to keep on tolerating the intolerable

Verse 2
谁让正义变得 我们无法想象
Who distorted justice beyond imagination
谁辜负一张张 疲惫的脸庞
Who failed each of these weary faces
谁亲手毁了 下一代的希望
Who destroyed the hopes of our next generation
谁可以真心守护 这一片土壤
Who can really protect this land

Chorus 1
天太暗 别慌张 听心中的呼唤
Do not despair under the dark sky, listen to your heart
勇敢 画下那一张 改变的曙光
Be courageous, paint your first light of dawn
渺小的力量 也有巨大影响
A small push can initiate falling rows of dominoes
像星火点燃 一片黯淡
Like a spark that lights up the darkness

Chorus 2
天快亮 结个伴 看全新的景象
Grab your friends, let's greet the dawn of a new era
倔强 终结那一章 让权力交换
Persevere, march on to a new chapter of leadership
拉扯的力量 能让我们成长
This tug of war will help us grow
如果跨过这门槛 是必经的阶段
Perhaps we are at the last hurdle of a better tomorrow
如果值得被仰望 何必再被俯瞰
A tomorrow with our heads held high

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